Simplest possible Pure Data patch for 201 Pocket Piano

I’m comfortable building synths in Pure Data, but am having trouble figuring out how to port those patches over to the 201.

Would anyone be willing to share the simplest possible Pure Data patch for the 201. It could literally just be a single oscillator being sent out to the 201’s speaker.

It’d be a great learning tool to look at just the stuff that helps the patch run on the 201. Thanks for any patches and/or advice.

Welcome aboard! You could try mother-in-law - I made this patch for developing instrument modes on the desktop. It also comes with a template where you’ll find all the relevant objects.

I have no idea what operating system you’re working with, but macOS versions after 13.6.3 are a bit finicky with the included extensions due to the somewhat stricter security guidelines, but you can install them via deken. There’s a video explaining all the basics too.

Thanks so much!