Septavox patches on 201?

While I still play my Septavox all the time, it would be awesome to have the Septavox patches and modes available in the super small and portable 201.

I would assume the Tones would very easily translate as they are very simple and use at max 2 knobs (usually stuff like vibrato rate/depth or envelope attack/decay, and the 201 already has decay and vibrato rate, so the other parameter could just go to the “special” last knob). All of the tones on the Septavox just sound plain great too even though they are fairly simple waveforms.

As far as the modes, I have always LOVED the Slicer mode, and knowing that the 201 has the looper/sequencer, it could be tons of fun to loop a glitchy pattern from the Slicer mode, and play on top of that. The Octave Cascade mode is also really awesome.

I know y’all are busy building and shipping the rest of the 201’s but is this something that is actually possible? Or are all the Septabox patches build on a totally different framework?



This could be fun. We’ll look into it.


Awesome! Thanks for thinking about it, would be a great addition to the 201 I think :slight_smile:

any updates on this?


Wanted to follow up on this post from June to see if any decision was made on porting some of the septavox patches? Thanks!

In case you haven’t seen this:) Prese(p)tavox: Septavox on the 201PP - 201 Pocket Piano - Critter & Guitari (

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