Installing orac/patches

Hey all. I’m super new to the organelle and have next to no tech background. As I understand it, orac allows for multiple patches to be used at the same time, right? So, I’ve downloaded the orac.zop file, dropped it into a folder “Patches” on a relatively old usb drive, and inserted it into my organelle. I saw “install orac,” which I did. However, orac only shows up when I have the usb drive inserted. Also, only the contents of the drive show up on my organelle while it’s inserted, so since orac is the only file on the drive, my organelle doesn’t display any other patches. Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong? Cheers.

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That makes sense. The Organelle will first check if a USB drive is connected. If it finds a drive and a Patches folder in the top level of a connected drive, the Organelle will load patches from that Patches folder (and ignore the SD card storage). More in the manual:

Not exactly: not entire patches but modules…More about Orac:

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Aha! Next time I’ll double check the manual. Orac has been successfully installed on my sd card. What a cool program! I’m so jazzed on all this! Thanks Guitari!! Thanks Technobear!!

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I have a related very newbie question to orac. Did i understand it correctly that Orac comes with a defined set of Moduls and can`t be used with the Patches in the other Organelle folders?

If i find a patch on patchstorage and want to use it inside of orac, can i somehow install it there? I tried this by just moving installed patched in the orac folder, but it so far did not seem to work.

Thank you :slight_smile:

That is correct Organelle patches and Orac modules are different in their architecture.

There is a separate area in patchstorage for Orac modules.

You can run 1 regular patch inside Orac using a special Easter Egg mode, but it doesn’t work for all patches. I think technobear has a video on YouTube that mentions this.

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i am having trouble installing Orac on my Organelle M. i downloaded Zip file on a SD Card and inserted SD Card in Organelle but i don’t see anything. Is there another way of getting Orac 2.0 on my Organelle M?

I put the orac 2.0 on a usb drive and loaded that way. It appears with an option to install - so install it - and you are good to go. I haven’t tried it via the SD yet as still experimenting with USB drive. Regarding the USB drive, you need to format it FAT32, create a directory ‘Patches’ and place orac.zop download within that directory. Good luck