Installing orac/patches

Hey all. I’m super new to the organelle and have next to no tech background. As I understand it, orac allows for multiple patches to be used at the same time, right? So, I’ve downloaded the orac.zop file, dropped it into a folder “Patches” on a relatively old usb drive, and inserted it into my organelle. I saw “install orac,” which I did. However, orac only shows up when I have the usb drive inserted. Also, only the contents of the drive show up on my organelle while it’s inserted, so since orac is the only file on the drive, my organelle doesn’t display any other patches. Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong? Cheers.

That makes sense. The Organelle will first check if a USB drive is connected. If it finds a drive and a Patches folder in the top level of a connected drive, the Organelle will load patches from that Patches folder (and ignore the SD card storage). More in the manual:

Not exactly: not entire patches but modules…More about Orac:

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Aha! Next time I’ll double check the manual. Orac has been successfully installed on my sd card. What a cool program! I’m so jazzed on all this! Thanks Guitari!! Thanks Technobear!!

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