Orac module location

I would love to know where to place new modules(downloaded from patchstorage orac specific page)when loading them onto the organelle.
Do I have to create a new folder for these modules to live in?
And do I have to unpack them (if they are zips) whilst accessing them from the web server?
Sorry if this is very very basic (which I know it is!) but would love to get some of the new modules for orac working.

New modules should be put in /media/orac/usermodules/
is either the sd card or usb drive that the orac main patch is running from.
You can put them in subfolders in that folder (eg. synth, fx, utility), and they should be unzipped.
If they are in .zop format you can just put them in the normal patches folder and run them from the patch select menu to install them.

Thank you!
I’ve managed to sort.
Very much enjoying some of the modules - Your notegen module is beautiful!
Thanks again