Patching with the Aux + Black Keys Visual Menu

Could someone point me at how to code with the on-screen menu that appears when you hold Aux that is in some patches? Is there a ‘get you started’ template? Or is it somewhere in the 4-Page template already?

I have searched for it but drew a blank, probably don’t know the correct terms.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

In the meantime I have done my own using the conventional text functions to write to the screen. The two ‘columns’ of functions correspond to the Aux+black keys as I’ve seen is the convention in the other patches. Here, C4#…G4# select the pages, and C5#…G5# do things like ‘Load File’ etc. I’m only defining 8 functions, but it could be 10 if needed.

Fortunately, I’m only having to put code in the ‘mapping’ subpatch, not hacking the inner sanctum of code. But ideally I’d like to go with the grain and use the grid the other patches use.

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A bit of delving into one of the patches ‘Analogue Style’ that has Seq3 and the graphic menu, suggests that it’s all done with OSC calls using the /oled/foo functions - is that correct? So it’s not a specialised Pd object?

If that’s right then my text-based approach is valid too - just not as pretty. Pd seems to remove multiple spaces from messages, not just trim the ends. Which means I have to add padding characters. No big thing, but if there’s a fix for that…

Anyone, give me a clue!