Pd Ephemeral: Bytebeater~ Mgrimm & Thomas Grill [python Research]



I have been interested in bytebeat~ since i heard about the ability to make beats and drones with single lines of code, similar to SCtweets [supercollider tweets] in their brevity, i could not resist. Pair with my adoration of Throbbing Gristle well have a marriage made in hebben.

Overview of Organelle Patches Wiki

Yeeesssss!!! So pumped to try this!


sheer madness!


that one took about two years to figure out
mgrimm made that research work and Thomas Grill
It’s all going in the book :slight_smile:


Amazing and very powefull atmospheres. Impressive the consequences of moving the reverb amount and, of course, the AUX brings rytmic heaven to life. Thanks @shreeswifty !!!


This is gold for spitting out unexpected melodic/rhythmic loops and noise. Thanks @shreeswifty :slight_smile: