Pd query - Odd timer behaviour?


I have nicked the timer from the C&G Recorder for a 4 track recorder I am working on and on the PC screen it starts at 0:0:0 as you would expect but when printing to the Organelle screen it starts at 0:0:1, i.e. the screen is 1 second faster. I can’t workout for the life of my why this would be.

The patch:

Any suggestions?


Maybe because the metro outputs a bang instantly when switched on, but you would expect that it would wait for the first « tick » ?
Edit : re-reading your post, I don’t think I see what’s wrong. Sorry, it’s too early in the morning.


when you hit note 78 it starts the metro twice, once when you press the key and again when you release the key. you want to use the [stripnote] object after [r notes] (instead of the unpack).


Sorted! Thanks for the advice. :sunglasses:

Any tips how to get the time to appear as hh:mm:ss, i.e. two significant figures for the minutes and seconds? Purely aesthetical but when the timer starts the display currently goes:

I would like it to go:

I tried running the mm and ss floats through this:


But the output is a symbol up to 09 and a float thereafter and I can’t figure out how to send this to the screenLine5 object.


The Countdown Timer does time with two digits like you want:


Thanks! Will take a look.


Unfortunately the Countdown Timer does seconds and minutes the same way as I had shown.


oh sorry about that!


No worries! :smiley:


unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of formatting numbers for sending to screen line, but you could try using the lower level graphics messages. check out the demo patch:


Formatting Screen Information: Number of Digits Changes

Hey guys!

Check here, it is possible to format numbers to a specific number of digits, using makefilename %03 to set a number with 3 digits. 001 012 888. It turns the values into symbols, but that doesnt really matter when it is for the display, it works fine here: