New patch: Play Random Oscillators

Hi All -

First post, I’d like to share a patch with you: it selects random analog oscillators to play random notes. Use Aux to start and stop, knob1 to control tempo, knob2 to constrain lowest note played and knob3 to constrain highest note played.




This is cool! thanks for posting.

One thing I noticed is knob 1 controls tempo of the metro from 0 to 1000. I noticed running metro at interval of 0 ms (knob all the way to left) sends messages to the LED and screen almost continuously which overwhelms the system and things get backed up. Adding 5 or 10 to prevent the metro running at 0 ms between pulses would alleviate this.

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Thanks for this :slight_smile: I’ve noticed that and will fix it in an update, maybe this weekend. I have a few other niggles with it that I will fix then as well.

I like this patch for spacey music backgrounds, maybe for an installation of some sort.

Love my Organelle <3

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I uploaded a small update to the patch. I took oweno’s advice and added an offset to the tempo so that it never reaches zero and reformatted the display of the note slightly. Not a big deal, but makes it a little better :slight_smile: