Metro clock speed slightly fast?

Long story short, I have a metro object sending out regular pulses for something, and the rate seems to be fractionally fast, by about 50ms per minute. Easily noticed when recording to a DAW where I believe the timing model is precise.

Before I explore further can I ask if it’s supposed to be spot on, or ‘quite good’? Or something I’ve missed?


EDIT, ok a quick explore - running a simple patch on the same PC as the DAW there’s no obvious drift. Looks like an Organelle thing, or might a large patch affect the accuracy? Depends how it’s implemented.

What about if you run the same ‘simple’ patch on Organelle?

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I will try that. I wanted to ask before doing experiments, as someone might know the underlying model already. For instance the DAWs generally have a strong underlying timing model, also some other systems like SonicPi. Whereas something like VCV is more approximate. I’m guessing it’s something like that.