Pdparty as a potential screen for Organelle

I am wondering if we can use Dan Wilcox’s pdparty that works on IOS/Android as a potential screen for some complex patches. We could have the organelle and the menus and buttons of course but maybe some fun stuff like drawing in functions and advanced sequencers could sync up via netsend or OSC for a visual interface. Of course you would need a wifi stick but perhaps with an adhoc network you could connect directly to it. I have a few patches that let the user draw in wavetables and select ons/offs for complex sequencers and it would remain compact and portable and still avoid the laptop.




Extremely cool idea! I wouldn’t be able to use it as I’m an android pleb but hardware expansion or utilising any kind of external screen could be so useful. Sometimes I think just a pad of notes is what I need though! I recently sold a novation midi controller and wish id kept it. I could have mapped 4 parameters each from 6 pages to the knobs. Wahhh.

i think pdparty works on android too, It works on phones ya know

I did something similar, but with MobMuPlat. My tablet was running an entire groovebox bassline generator I made and it would communicate with Organelle over TCP IP. Made lots of cool sounds.

I ended up bringing a router to a performance to actually use it which was kind of odd.

It’d be a lot easier with just a USB cable for MIDI.

that sounds cool Daniel did a great job on MOBMUPLAT except for the name of it :slight_smile: