Pi/Arduino Modules via USB? (TTL, IIC/I2C)

Hi all, tempted to try something and want some advice before proceeding.

Considering purchasing this USB adapter
And an Arduino/Pi module, perhaps like this accelerometer gyroscope

to see if I can read the data into Pd. This would be my first foray with Pi/Ardunio modules like this, and I notice they’re usually connected with serial pins instead of usb. Sadly, couldn’t find any direct-to-USB gyroscopes. Has anyone here done anything similar?

Found this: USB Accelerometer on Amazon.

But it might be fun to play with these Raspberry Pi versions that are either I2C or SPI based: this one from AdaFruit or this other one that also has some other nifty sensors bundled in. Both, also, from Amazon. You’d have to data from the Pi into the Organelle.