Importing Python Modules

Good day,
I’m writing this to see if there’s a list of importable modules that the EYESY hardware can use. For example,

import pygame
import time
import random
import subprocess

Just curious what the full list we have available to us.
Follow up question, is there a way we can add more libraries to the hardware to be able to import other python modules, and what is that process?
Thank you for taking the time to read and respond : - )!

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Hi DudeTheDev! Not sure if my answer is of any use as I don’t own an original EYESY but converted a Rasperry Pi w/ PiSound into one - so there might be some differences, but as EYESY is based on a Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module, I’m thinking this should be fairly similar, if not identical.
If you’re ssh’ing into your EYESY you could run

pip list

This shows you all installed Python packages with their respective version numbers:

I’m guessing a simple pip install <insert-your-package-name> should give you the option to install any package that has ARMv7 support? Works on my Pi but I haven’t written any modes using 3rd party packages yet.

Might be tricky to share on patchstorage though?

Hey! Interesting to hear you built your own video synth with a PiSound as I was thinking of doing the same (don’t worry C+G, I’m still going to buy one of your products). How hard was it to get video out (I’m assuming HDMI), considering the PiSound runs 32-bit headless?

Hi @MarkHanslip!

Check out this guide. It’s all I have done:

Make sure you use a Raspbian Buster image and NOT a Bullseye image though. I have used the Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) one from here as I had issues with the Bullseye image:

Perfect! Thanks so much Mr Twang x

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