Weird ways to control the Organelle?

I’ve just started learning Pure Data one week ago and I came across this tutorial It shows that you can control Pure Data with a Wii Remote via a software called OSCulator. Also from the forum posts that I see here, inside the Organelle is RaspberryPi.

So my questions are:

  1. Can I control the Organelle with a Wii Remote?
  2. Can I control the Organelle with sensors? (e.g. photoresistor, flex sensor, water sensor)


The Organelle does not have a Raspberry Pi. It has another type of system-on-a-module. It runs Arch Linux.

I’m not sure how Wii Remotes would connect to the Organelle (they are wireless, right?). Assuming a connection is possible: If you can compile and run OSCulator for Arch, you should be able to use a Wii with the Organelle. You would have to make/modify a PD patch to use the OSC data coming from the Wii.

To use other sensors with the Organelle, you could use something like an Arduino that would be reading the sensor values and then sending that info over USB-Serial. You would have to make/modify a PD patch to use that data coming from the Arduino.

Never tried myself but… (handy video on controllers / Pd):

The Wiimote speaks via Bluetooth: