Prospective Organelle buyer here with a couple ?s

Hey there lovely community! I am considering replacing a hardware looper and an iPad synth setup with an Organelle. I currently use these guys with my Octatrack.

I make lofi ish hip-hop/RnB/ IDM stuff with a lot of beatboxing and physical instruments looped (didgeridoo,flutes,etc) And think the Organelle might be the Homie for my set up.

Onto the questions, how are the looping patches doing in their current state? I don’t need a full on replacement for my looper, but do need more than just a single loop. Pitch shift and stutter fx are a big part of my sets currently.

Second, I notice the tuning is in cents in the manual, but I’m just hella confused how that plays out for those of us who rock it in 432hz.
Are most patches tuned to standard 440 and I can just knock em down 32 cents?

Thanks a bajillion bajeezuses playing banjoes.

( and yes, I know I can make it do anything! But I really don’t have the time currently to learn coding, just tryna jam and ride the coattails of y’all coding geniuses)

We have literally DOZENS of loopers and breakbeat patches --loading samples, recording them in live --there are limitations it’s NOT an Octatrack but it’s the best effect machine in the world

Tuning by cents is possible but mto/ftom Pd has MATH on it’s side

buy one ASAP

Lol :joy: so I should be able to rock it in 432 then! Sounds like a great companion for my Octa

I’m not a lot into programming, and I bought a RC505 to loop the organelle. I wouldn’t replace totally the looper.

Synths and signal effects are currently very cool in Organelle.

I don’t know how to change to 432 in many patches, you would need to ask, but I guess many in this forum would be happy to help you.

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My Octatrack can cover the looping if it needs to, although it’s not as direct and easy to use as my Boss