Autotune~ version 1 for organelle

here is the debut version of autotune~ based on the work of Ivica Bukvic and the “autotalent” Ladspa plugin
This does not need the LADSPA install but i am going to try to see if there are any advantages of a purely LADSPA version this week.
The AUX button is contextual based on Page and AUX1 selects through 6 scales AUX2 applies formant correction and should be used with the multiplier on page 4

This is a BETA go at it but many people had discussed this previously so i figured i give it a go.


well this is super fun! very cool glitchey effects when playing acoustic instruments through it :smiley:
is there any way we could get an indicator of what scale the patch is working in when we switch scales? i know it’s possible to pitch shift the sound output as a whole, but is it possible to set a root key for the scaling? E.g. A choice of A, A#, B etc. Then Phrygian, Lydian, Minor Pent., etc This would make it easier to use in a live or quick jam/studio environment.

currently it does not have that function it just takes the incoming signal and lets you tweak about 40hz up and down for RT autotuning. i have not listed the scales yet because i was going to add some more/let users add their own but currently the scales are:


hope this tides you over until version2 :slight_smile:

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You could try the shift parameter but this is based on Ivica’s code and it’s just not built in to the external

So what scale key is unity or ‘0’ in this patch then?
E.g. The ‘Major’ scale needs a root, is this C?
The shift function is useful but it would be great to have the patch snap sounds to the closest appropriate pitch in a certain key/scale without having to pitch all the sound output from the patch up or down as a whole. In not great at explaining myself. Do you know what I mean?

i think that’s built in the pitch pull stuff maybe explore that stuff
autotune~ uses fiddle~/sigmund to approximate whatever is coming in so i assume the detected pitch becomes the root pitch for the scale. i fooled with it and was getting that kooky kanye autotuning and the lfo stuff made it sound pretty cool. I think it’s more of an autotune~ effect rather than a studio tool like antares, you know what i mean?

Ahhh I thought it was built as an antares autotune clone! (Read the top post, Wannop :tired_face:) The pull note stuff sets all output to sound in whichever single pitch you have selected - which would be a cool feature to Map to the keyboard in some other patch- Akin to the idea we had for the Bon Iver style Harmoniser based on key mappings in C&G’s ‘granular freezer’.

If the patch is constantly determining a new root for the scale of notes it will snap to, based on input - it can’t really be snapping to a particular scale at all can it? There has to be a defined root in order for it to have an idea of what the ‘wrong’ notes are to snap to, and avoid them. I don’t know, either way - in enjoying this :slight_smile:

Edit: Looking at this, it seems like the plugin allows you to decide how shy autotalent is of certain ‘notes’ so you can in effect choose the key as well as scale of the output without pitch shifting the output as a whole.

If there were presets for different keys using these parameters could that work?

apologies for reviving a dead post. i was wondering what settings you were using to get that “kanye autotune” kind of a sound? can’t quite get the hang of the plugin and dont totally understand the controls yet.

currently undergoing a re-write

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