Pocket Piano as Sound Module Glitch

Hi there,
I hooked the “Pocket Piano Midi” up to my DAW (Keyboard > Cubase > UR22 > PP > Audio back into Cubase) and it responds to the input from my keyboard and syncs as well.
But as soon as I hit “play” / “record” and input a note it starts to glitch and makes a low note and continues to do so after I stop the DAW.
I tested this setup with another synth and it worked perfectly.
Does it have to do with my setup or the midi channel?
Any suggestion is welcome.

You might be getting MIDI ‘feedback’ where a MIDI note gets sent from your DAW to the PP and then back to your DAW and then back to the PP and so on. If that is happening, you can disconnect the cable from the PP’s MIDI Out jack.

Thank you for your fast response,
the MIDI out of the PP is not connected to the DAW. It is MIDI from my DAW to the PP and only sound back in (as I am not expierienced with MIDI and DAW integration it appeared logical that way but may be wrong altogether).

If the setup (DAW —> PP MIDI In ----> PP Speaker/Line Out) works before you hit “record/play” in Cubase, it sounds like like there’s something you need to change in Cubase.

Hello again,
I could solve it by switching the PP to CHAIN mode. Now everything works.
(thought I’d share it in case someone has the same issue.)

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