Using my Critter & Guitari Bolsa Bass as a Sound Module

Hi I am trying to use my bolsa bass as a sound module, I want logic to trigger the Bolsa bass, I have set up midi and have attached the midi in cable but i cant get a sound out of it, When i press a key on the BB i hear a sound, What am i doing wrong ? Many thanks

It still didn’t work when you restarted the BB? Are you sure Logic is sending MIDI on channel 1 or whatever channel you’ve got the BB set to from power up?

@tobyh Were you able to get your set up working?

Hi Chris, No not yet, I just brought a Roland SBX-1 to try and sort out all my midi stuff, I just want the PP to be triggered by midi and get sounds out of it, Still no luck, Thank You

By default, the Pocket Piano and Bolsa Bass send and receive MIDI on CH 1. If you are controlling either synth from Logic, you’ll need to:

  • Connect to the synth’s MIDI In jack via a USB-to-MIDI adapter (or however you get MIDI out of your computer)
  • Set Logic to send out MIDI notes on CH 1.

If it isn’t working, it could be an incorrect setting in Logic or a bad MIDI cable. You can also try sending MIDI to the Bolsa Bass from another synth.