Pocket Piano Code?

I’ve been wanting to work on a Pd patch that emulates the Pocket Piano as much as possible.
Actually reading the Pocket Piano code would help a lot – is there any chance of releasing that?

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I love that idea, I think it would be a great addition to the organelle. I was able to find this, It seems to be an example code but not sure if its the real thing.

now sure how useful this is to you.

If someone has a pocket piano is there a way to get the code out of the machine if you open it up?

Yeah, I already saw that repo! Unfortunately, it looks like it’s for an older revision of the Pocket Piano.

As far as extracting code, that’s wouldn’t be useful; you’d just get the compiled program, which isn’t especially helpful.

Hmm got it. Before I got the organelle I was wondering if there was a way to get the pocket piano patches in there. One of the users here said that basic poly, analog style and arpeggio synth patches cover most of what the Pocket Piano does.

Maybe there’s a way to edit them to be more like it?

I’ve been working on moving the Pocket Piano arpeggiator code into a Pd external.

It isn’t finished yet (I think this is just the basic 2 octave arp). I was going to one for the 2 octave arp and octave cascade modes of the Pocket Piano. They would just arpeggiate notes, then the synth part could be done in Pd (basic poly already does the tones for the most part)