Pocket Piano in Organelle?

has anyone recreated the pocket piano patches for the organelle? I like the pocket piano sounds but it would be cool to have some extra features with the organelle.

Hey - This is not exactly like it, but here is a monophonic synth patch I made where you can get simple synth sounds and FM voice similar to the pocket piano. Plus it has an arpeggiator, sequencer, effects, etc.


Awesome thank you, how much of the pocket Piano does this cover? I’ve never owned one.

I am on the fence about getting the PP or Organelle

Haven’t played or owned the pocket piano, just basing on what i’ve heard and the specs…
pocket piano is going to be nice and easy to navigate, but locked in those 7 modes/4 tones or whatever
Organelle can do anything from sampler to vocoder to synth, effects etc - so you could effectively program what the pocket piano does if you had the understanding and time. But there are basic synth patches that already sound 90% like what it’s doing, just maybe not all in one spot

Gotcha, thank you. I went with the organelle :slight_smile:

Do you happen to know if the pocket piano runs on a locked version of PD patches or is it something else completely?

Congrats on the organelle! That is a really good question; I could see it going either way…

Think basic poly, analog style and arpeggio synth patches cover most of the pocket piano’s functionality. Those are all patches that come already preloaded on the organelle when you buy it.

I’m also looking for the octave cascade patches in the pocket piano for the organelle. Thanks!

Sounds awesome, there’s a patch called waterfall up and down that I think does something similar but it doesn’t have an arppegiator

Maybe it would be easier to edit that patch instead.

Do you have more details about the functions of the octave cascade patch?

just wanted to check again if anyone has a Pocket Piano patch for the Organelle.
I love my pocket piano and would be so happy to have the same patches with my new Organelle… so I won’t carry them both with me :slight_smile:


+1. I still am hunting for this patch. All I ever wished for is my pocket piano with Latch. :slight_smile:

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