New to forum and some PD questions

Hi everyone¡!

I’ve been a lurker for a while but after getting my Organelle and seeing some of the amazing things and collaborations that this community has come up I felt like I couldn’t (or shouldn’t) stay on the sidelines any longer, especially since the Organelle is such a community oriented device.

So I decided to be more proactive and join the group efforts, teach myself some pure data using Johannes Kreidler’s online tutorial and finally join the forum (first forum I’ve joined too!)

I hope to eventually come up with some complex and ambitious patches but I thought that, for the moment doing some modifications to the Arppegiator patch and the sequencer functionality that many patches use could be something neat and practical (and hopefully not too difficult to make) that I and some other users could benefit from.

Basically I would like to add some more variety to the arpeggiator patterns, and be able to quantize the sequencer or at least be able to record several layers which seem like reasonable demands but I wouldn’t know where to begin.
( also wondering if anyone had any clues as to where to learn PD with more of Organelle focus?)

anyways thanks for all the amazing work and generosity with your ideas !

ps: I don’t know if this post would be better suited in another thread so sorry if thats the case!

hey, welcome - I felt the same, there were so many good patches I wanted to start contributing. I used the same tutorial (and still go back to it), its a great one. I also suggest
for good learning resources. I have not done much with arps but your idea sounds great.
As for Organelle-specific PD, what i’ve found is its 98% just PD, and the organlle just uses a few special objects for A/D and knob input - most vanilla PD can be converted for Organelle use pretty easily. Look forward to seeing what you come up with


look at the pd help for “filter floyd” there is the classic Dark Side of the Moon arpeggiation in that patch --should get you going