88 Key Sampler Record / Sampler Arpeggiator


I just got an Organelle about a week ago. So far, I love everything about it! I’m not too familiar with programming in PD but I’m interested in figuring it all out because I have quite a few ideas.

The first I was wondering about, is it possible to take the patch “sample recorder” and make it so I can record a different sample on 88 different keys with a midi controller vs the 24 keys available on the Organelle? I’m interested in this because I have experimented with sampling my Fender Rhodes piano into the Organelle, but only being able to sample 2 octaves doesn’t really fit my needs.

Another idea that I tried to mess with is using the sample recorder patch to upload 24 chromatic samples to each key but then somehow coding an apreggaitor into the patch. I have samples of 24 notes from a Tanpura (the background drone instrument for sitar music). I’ve successfully gotten all of them into the Organelle, but the 1 second sample time kind of cuts off some of the samples. i can apreggiate it through midi with my synth, but it would be helpful to have that built into the patch. If I can pull this off, it would essentially make a digital Tanpura with adjustable tempo, which would be awesome for creating background drones for stuff.

Has anybody tried to do something similar to any of these ideas? And I appologize if a smiliar question has already been asked and answered. Thanks!


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Also, some other ideas that I have had have involved using the Organelle as an external audio processor, like an effect pedal. Can we make patches that work as an envelope filter, distortion, octave generator, etc? I know we have that sweet grainular patch and some harmonic delays already, so this seems possible, right? Maybe with the envelope filter have some of the knobs adjust the lfo shape, attack, or release. Aux button as tap tempo? Just some thoughts!

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Hi Legos!

I just got my organelle a week ago and I’ve been doing my research in PD (I’m not a programmer). However, I just solved how to load more samples to the Sampler Style patch. Here’s what I did:

  1. Open main.pd file with Pure Data

  2. Press ⌘+E to go to Edit mode. (or go to Edit>Edit mode)

  3. You are now able to edit text in the boxes. Select the sample voices boxes and duplicate as much as you need. Then change the numbers to keep the same pattern (sampler-voice x.wav x). I sampled 48 keys of a Rhodes, so my files look like this:

  1. Close and save. Now open sample-voice.pd

  2. Sampler Style patch is loading only 24 sounds, I wanted 48, so I set the value between the box “abs” and “sel $2” to % 48.

  3. Now, every sample you create should be named with a number (1.wav, 2.wav, etc.) and with the following characteristics:

  • 44100 sample rate
  • Mono
    *16 bit-depth
    My samples are 6 seconds long and are working just fine.

I sampled a Rhodes Mark I and would love to share it but I don’t know where to upload a patch over 10MB. If you know I could share it.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


main.pd (9.6 KB)
sampler-voice.pd (3.8 KB)

48-keys sample files. (rest of “sampler style” patch files needed.


Great job! :+1: Can you maybe upload the samples to Dropbox or something?

Good idea.

Here’s my 48-samples patch of a Rhodes. Enjoy.



Thanks a lot for the info! I went ahead and edited the patch for 88 keys. Once I get to my midi controller, I’m going to test it out and I’ll post my results! I have a '74 88 key stage Rhodes :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll try to get some good samples from it and upload that as well!

I’m also interested in using a full sized 88 key controller to have a few different instruments sampled into different octaves for easy access. I’ll play with that as well and post some results!

Now, if anybody can help me with this Tanpura! I assume it wouldn’t be hard to take some coding from the sample arpeggiator patch and edit it to scroll through different samples instead of actually pitch shifting the sample.

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hi @legos, can you upload the 88 keys patch? would be awesome!

Hi @chkbeto Can I apply this modification to the Beats and Pieces sampler patch ?
Or to another sampler that allows me to switch to a mono synth mode.
I’ve tried it on the Beats and Pieces patch but it doesn’t react well with my midi controller (which is a guitar equipped with a triple play midi pickup).
The delay parameter in the sampler style patch doesn’t suit my need.
I’m very very new to PD by the way (like 2 hours ago new :slight_smile:

Here are screenshots of the modifications I did to the Beats and Pieces .pd files.
Thanks !

Hi @lucien, excuse my late reply! I’ve been out of this forum for a year or more. Tell me, did it work? My experience with PD is maybe 5 hours more than you lol.

Looks fine to me. Can you show us a video of your guitar with the midi controller, seems killer!