Polybeats Reverse Sample idea

I was looking into adding a page in the PD file for a Polybeats patch to add reverse sample funcionality, but it’s over my head. Would be amazing to individually be able to reverse certain samples and have the decay work backwards. I’m certain this would be easy for a PD person, difficult for me though, as I am not there yet.
Anyone feel like tackling this one?

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This sounds like a cool idea… It could definitely be done, but also opens up some questions. When playing a sound backwards, you have to decide where it starts playing from. Maybe it starts at the end of the sound file, but in a patch like Polybeats, the sound files are all random length, so the results would be a little unpredictable (but maybe not in a bad way). So you might want some logic to decide the reverse start point… then it starts to get tricky.

I did not think about that at all, but, i think with shorter, staccato samples, this might not be too big a deal, and most definitely result in some good unpredictable rhythms. I am still going to try and take a crack at it, been checking out some of the PD videos.

You could reverse the samples in a daw, resave them all and drag them into the patch as it is to see if you really think it’s worth expending the energy on writing it all up in pd.

Never messaged back here, been in lala land. I did reverse some samples and made a kit with them, sounded really really cool. so yes, a reverse option function to a polybeats patch would be really sick.

Good point, I would say at first that the only option is that the patch is forced to play the file at the beginning (or end, rather) of the file only, to make the patch more simple for coding. This is where good audio file editing/management on the end users part would come into play.