Record mode with reverse fonction

Hello guys!
Is it possible to make a patch only with record and reverse/speed fonction?
There will be a problem with the length of recording?

To make reverse is really simple. It can be done in several ways.:

Set a negative value to the phasor reading the table data:
Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 16.09.30

Invert the output of the phasor, by multiplying with -1 and adding a +1:
Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 16.10.31

I m very bad in pure data… But I will try!

Could you say something about what you expect for the sampler?

To me it sounds more like you are looking for making a looper, that records for example a bar?

And then you can play it back in forward/reverse? Faster and slower?

It s not for 1 bar sampler, it s for recording in live a piece played in reverse and after play it in the normal way (so in reverse)
The piece duration is about 2 min… So the sampler patch does not work because the limitation of duration…

For a 2 minute file you are going to get bad audio quality after around 1.5 minute the quality will start to degrade. That’s probably why there is a limitation in the sampler you use. This is a 32bit/single precision limitation. Once Pure data is update and all objects are 64bit(double precision) this will be no problem.

Here is an technical explanation about why that happens:

So playing a 2 minute files is not going to sound well, unless you do some work arounds. There are examples on how to make it work, but it’s a bit more complicated. See example B15.tabread4~-onset in Pd 0.51.4. Must be that version of pd, cause the old documentation is not the same.

Here is another example of onset for long files with variable speed/playback:
varispeed-example.pd (3.9 KB)

So it is possible to do, but just a bit more complicated.

Whoua thanks!! Honestly it s too hard for me!! I have to find another solution…

We’ve been working on a better variable speed playback patch for a while, and actually got something working recently.

You want to try this one?

Varispeed (360.4 KB)

It works the same as the Recorder patch, but you can control speed and direction with knob 2. Use aux button to start / stop recording. The 24 keys access the most recent 24 recordings.

The sounds are recorded and played directly from disk, so the only limit on length is disk space. Let me know how it works!

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Thank you so much!!
I will try soon!!

It works perfectly!!
Can t wait to test that in live with audience!!!
Thanks you very much!!

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