Polyend 2 not receiving Organelle USB MIDI

Hi- I was wondering if anyone could help me with some ideas here. My polyend 2 module isn’t getting midi from the organelle via its the usb B input, while it receives midi just fine from my computer. Clearly this isn’t a “you can’t do host to host” problem since it works from my Mac, so Im wondering if there are other reasons it might not work.

Already confirmed cable is good, midi sending fine via usb to other device (elektron analog 4). Im using a midi out module in Orac to test this so global organelle settings should be out of the equation (though I tried changing those as well).

I believe this is not an organelle problem, but wonder if there is perhaps an organelle solution?

I couldn’t find anything on the Polyend Poly 2 manual in regards to its USB MIDI inputs working with Linux devices (the Organelle is one). Poly 2 Manual - Polyend
Maybe it is worth reaching out to Polyend about this.