USB Connectivity with Organelle M

Hey guys! I know this may have been covered, but I’m still just a newbie here with the Organelle M, and can’t actually find a solution here.

I’m simply trying to connect a controller to the USB port on my organelle and control with MIDI controller.
I’ve tried an M-audio key station, a Micobrute, a Juno and a prophet. I’ve turned on the midi on the organelle, and I’ve even tried specific Chanels. I’ve reset. I’ve checked cable.

Nothing seems to be working. Is there a secret I’m missing? Should I just give up and get the MIDI 1/8" midi adapter? Fear is the same thing will happen.
Thank you.

At the bottom of the MIDI menu is the line that says "Device: xxxxxx " where you can select the connected USB-MIDI device. Can you see the M-audio key station, a Micobrute, a Juno and a prophet listed when they are connected? If not, select the Device line and press the encoder to enter the Device menu. Scroll here to select your connected device.Be sure to save your MIDI selections when you are done. Reload your patch just to be sure it is loaded with correct MIDI settings.

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aw thanks Chris! I must have missed that in the manual. The menu that read Device:Midi Through Port needs to be changed to whatever active controller you are using. Is that correct? Everything seems to be working great now, thank you! I’m sure I’ll be back with so many questions. What a fantastic little box.
Cheers! Kev