Polyphonic sample recorder

I am searching for a patch where I can record to every key separat and then play the keys polyphonic so that several recorded sounds (samples) will sound at the same time. The ones I found where I can record to every key separately does just play monophonic.
I would like to use it like kind of a modern Mellotron (record an instrument, voice or a combination in key on the different keys and then play it on the keys).

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get the mellotron patch…

Sure I have the great Mellotron patch but that can´t record any sounds as far as I know.

well, recording and maybe recalling a sample/per key could be a hassle to handle and to code…
I would rather use the computer to create a kit for the mellotron patch (or any other sample per key patch) for speed and quality reasons…
In s3rquencer I use 24 slices drumkits (a bit like in op/1 op/z)so then it\s easy to load and reload kits.

I have in memory that I seen an patch (a video on the Gritter & guitari homepage I think it was) where they record from a little radio and the patch shop the recording up on the different keys on the organelle. That is pretty close to what I want and could maybe also work.

Search for samplers on Patchstorage. C&G’s Nori Sampler, Basic Sampler, Sample Style REC, my Sample Stuff and probably others might roughly fit what you want.

You can “mod” the mellotron patch to play whatever sounds you want in each key.
I’ve tried that with some recordings someone had made of their harmonium. It doesn’t work great, but it works.
I think you might find this on the comments on the mellotron patch download page.
And if you find a better solution please let us know!

Thanks for your help. Sample Style Rec, distributor rec and Segmenti seems all to be in the frame for something similar to what I search (didn´t check if they all can play poly though) but they all seems to have to short recording time. Would it be possible to change the aloud recording time on each key to like 8 seconds? Then it would be great.

Yes, that would work fine but I am searching something where I don´t need to record and work on the sound on another device. Just want to be able to record like 8 seconds on each key direct on the organelle.

…and by the way, I didn´t find “my Sample Stuff” at all. What do you meant for patch there?

Hey, sounds like you’re looking for this – Loop Jam Rec | Patchstorage. Maybe you can open this patch up and modify the pd to extend the allowed sample track length.

Thanks for you tips! I actualy found that patch some days ago and it is good but the 2 sec is to short to be really good. I tried to open it up in PD and change to longer than 2 sec but I didn´t manage to find where to change it. But I don´t know anytning about how to work in PD so I am sure someone else would easy be able to change it to 8 sec. Anybody out there that would like to try that, please??