SamplerBox Type Patch

Hello everyone,

The Organelle has proven to be one of the most progressively valuable pieces of gear that I’ve invested in. I very much so appreciate the fact that Critter and Guitari has the integrity to continually take this machine huge steps ahead with each OS update. The patch building community has steadily shared incredible tools that I’ve very much so enjoyed using (tip of the hat to Patrick).

There’s a fairly basic patch that I’ve been hoping to build, or find a kind soul who doesn’t mind piecing this together for me. To hopefully simplify what I’m looking to do, you should take a look at SamplerBox:

I’ll use a sampled piano as an example. All I’m looking to do here is assign a sampled piano note to each key on the Organelle. I managed to expand the amount of samples available with the Sampler Style patch (thanks to some super helpful insight on here). It was a breeze assigning the samples and whatnot. However, I ran into quite an issue.

The sample release time, while super fun to explore with other samples, could make the piano notes quite long. If you turn this down, it sounds ridiculously cut off. I’m wondering if there’s a more straightforward way to do this. Ultimately, I’d love to have some after touch so it knows how to handle the notes if a user suddenly releases a key. Essentially, how that SamplerBox functions. Except on an Organelle.

Pretty sure this exact request exists here as well:

Anyone know how to go about this? Thanks so much for your time.

Modify the Mellowtron patch?

Or maybe the Tape synth patch?

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