Portable Power Supply

This looks ideal, but don’t want to damage my Organelle (noting the warnings about risk if powers off before saving). Is there any risk with a coverter cable like this with respect to current draw? I was looking at (in UK):


The above USB power supply didn’t work. Am now happily using this:


£1!! :slight_smile:


Or maybe not… worked fine for about 5 mins and then started giving off electrical static / glitches through the headphones even though the volume was turned right down. Have decided to stick to the power supply for now! :roll_eyes:

That makes sense. One 9V battery does not have adequate amperage for the Organelle.

I am clueless around power supply… would 6 AAs be a better solution?

Topping this.

I’m currently using the 6 AA pack method, but would like to switch to something that would indicate when the battery is getting low.

Can I simply use this step transformer USB > 2.1mm cable with any battery pack that supplies 1000mA or more (would likely be way more)?

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I have this solar powered one, with that 9v converter https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076Y7VT1N/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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Many thanks! I found a similar one (looks like those are out of stock). Will report back.


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Solar Powered Organelle damn that’s awesome!

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Mine are 99% sun powered :slight_smile:


Solar-powered battery pack arrived earlier today! Charged it up n used the 5-9v USB/2.1mm converter cord to boot up the Organelle a few minutes ago. It’s been working like a charm :+1:t2: thanks everyone!


Looks awesome! Are those 4 leds for showing the battery time?

They are! That was a big draw for me. This power pack can be used as a flashlight/emergency light, too, so when I get too involved playing music in the woods to notice the sun has gone down I won’t end up lost forever, wandering the forest to creepy synth arpeggios.


I bought that solar power supply + 5vdc to 9vdc regulator. It is currently running both my Organelle + NSynth Super!

Portable linux music boxes! So excited to take this setup and my portable speaker to the beach :slight_smile:

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I have the XT Power linked below. It outputs 12v dc and Organelle takes 9v. Will it work anyway or what will happend?

@Melayan Please only use 9VDC with the Organelle. Voltages above or below 9VDC may cause damage. Be sure that you are providing a minimum of 1000mA as well.

Just wanted to jump in and vouch for this:

This has the 12v step up, but bought to try with other units, please make sure to keep it at 9v for your organelle as @chrisk suggests.

Great thread ya’ll, thanks as usual.




Look at that beauty! AC for the win!

have you all had a look at portable pedal power options? pedal train does one and boxking does one, they would let you run multiple devices off one portable power supply, with choices of 9v 12v and 18v…i think this is the way to go! now i just need to buy a speaker…