UK battery links?

Xmas…Stocking fillers…Organelle battery (finally!)…

Anyone got recommendations/links for current best options? Ideally UK links but not dealbreaker.


Basically you just want a 1a 5v to 9v cable, then any USB mobile recharger available.

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this one works pretty fine

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Also make sure the plug is center positive.


Damn, does anyone know how long those mobile usb rechargers would power the organelle for?

Also if anyone has any links to alrernative /longer power adapters ?

The Organelle needs ~1000mA, if your Battery has a capacity of 21000 mAh (eg. Anker Powerbank from Amazon) you can use the Organelle ~21h

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I can vouch for this,I have the same battery and would spend many hours in my back garden during the summer and it didn’t seem to put a dent in the battery charge,best upgrade for an organelle.


Thanks everyone. Got a little sidetracked with modular brain hole but sorting this battery stuff today. If someone can please confirm that I just need the cable linked above by @korb and this powerbank, right? No other adaptors etc? Thanks!

Also… The powerbank I’d previously looked at was from thomann and had dual outs. I’d been thinking I could use the other output for a pedal. I see that the anker powerbank you guys are talking about has dual outs too. So in theory could I buy two of the cables and run organelle + pedal (prob lofi junky) from the one power bank? Anyone doing this with this bank and can comment on any noise issues?


Confirmed. I use exactly this setup (Powerbank + Adaptor) without any problem.

Thanks dude. Ordered :slight_smile: