Portable Power Supply

watch out, pedals are usually centre -ve supply,
organelle needs +ve so you’ll need an inverter, otherwise you’ll kill your organelle.

Im pretty nervous about having -ve supplies around, as Ive so much gear that use +ve, and its easy to forget the inverter, and its an expensive mistake :frowning:
… similarly switchable voltages while handy, you have to be careful with.

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these might be interesting for Organelle owners :slight_smile:


its been a bit of a disastrous kickstarter campaign but they are just about starting to ship (finally),

so Im hoping I’ll be able to report back soon, but they look like they are going to be really decent cables, and a bit less ‘clunky’ than what I have already - theres quite a lot of options, voltages, switches etc

so hopefully the long wait will have been worthwhile.
Im sure they will be available for purchase as soon as they are delivered to KS backers.


yeah the boxking has flipped cables for centrepositive in white, so you can’t mix them up. which i think is great, i get tired of labelling everything!

i was an original pledger for ripcord. it looks like they are about to ship them out to customers finally, they had three years of delays, which is why i pulled out of the kickstarter about 8 months ago. still looks like a promising packer, not as much power as the boxking though, so for me running multiple devices off the boxking makes better sense.

would love to hear of organelle users with ripcord!

Hey there I want to use my Organelle with my Powerbank and a 5V to 9V USB Step up Cable. The powerbank has two USB outputs: 1A & 2.1A - which one is the right for the Organelle power supply?

You’re not going to fry your organelle with 2.1a, so either is good but 1a is the norm.