Processing instead of PyGame?

I was wondering if there were any DIY firmwares / work-arounds that let you program the ETC using Processing?

such a thing would be fantastic for both communities imho.

Ive not seen/heard of anyone doing it.

it may be possible, in a similar way you can do with the rPI, but it would require quite a bit of ‘legwork’ - and might be make a bit more difficult due to the ETC using a relatively old version of arch linux - which makes it harder to get later versions of some libs.
(if you do go down this route, you should back up the sdcard as its quite easy to end up with an unbootable system - and you’d have to ‘reflash’ the ETC sdcard)

I have been considering looking at processing, but I’d probably now do this on the Organelle-M, since its based on Raspbian and should pretty much work by following details for the rPI.
(and the extra cores on the cpu are obviously attractive for video processing :wink: )