Potentiometers "moving" on their own

I would like to ask if anyone has experienced before this problem with potentiometers on their Organelle:
Sometime ago (I think after upgrading to 4.0) I noticed that parameters in patches tend to move on their own, it looks like potentiometers even when not touched change their readings slightly and this results in values moving constantly for example between 99% and 100%, which might be not that problematic on some patches but on patches like FX-13 makes it unusable because when switching presets the values are overidden by those from moving potentiometers :<
So I would like to ask if someone encoutered this problem and is this more of a hardware issue or software? Any pointers in how to fix this will be welcome as I said this makes organelle very hard to use in some patches.

Hi - Not sure if this is hardware or software. Please contact us here: critterandguitari.com/contact

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