Patch Problems (inconsistent and confounding)

Pardon if this is already answered or easily solved in a manner I’m naive to. I’ve done a fair bit of searching and found nothing to help.

Certain patches on my organelle become wonky/unusable after running for a couple minutes. In the combonelle and Juno patches, a high dissonant whine will ring constantly. In the mellotron patch, all notes will modulate a fifth up (this is really infuriating and made me think I was going deaf when it first occurred).
What is the best course of action? Perhaps I am incorrectly assuming this would be a software issue?

Not heard this one before - it sounds like a possible explanation could be midi feedback but i couldn’t really say. A video of the problems might help if you can provide one. Are you using a midi device with the organelle?

im with @wannop , sounds odd…
sounds like a problem with the patch rather than the organelle…

do you get it with any of the C&G factory patches?
do you seen any of the values fluctuating on the OLED display?
is it a parameter, which is always on the same ‘line’ e.g. parameter knob 3?

if the patch your running has multiple pages, does which page you are on affect which parameter becomes unstable?

my suspicion, and its merely that… is, it sounds like it could be one of your organelle knobs is ‘fluctuating’ a bit , which is normal , but the patch is not handling this 'correctly’
as @wannop suggested, you have a midi device connected, throwing in fluctuating values. (this can easily be discounted, by running Organelle without any midi input)

sorry, I don’t use many patches outside of my own and C&G factory patches… though the juno 104 (not sure if this is the same one your are referring to ) which I do have loaded, appeared ok to me.