Prese(p)tavox: Septavox on the 201PP

Hey all, here’s a Septavox!

Select waveform and mode with the surprise knob. The included preset.txt cycles through each waveform in a given mode (all the waveforms in vibrato mode, then in slide, octave arp, etc.) An alternate preset.txt flips this (all the modes with dirty sine, then sine, then organ, etc.). Current waveform is shown by the middle LED and current mode is shown by the right LED, LED indicator colors are the same as the original hardware.

Control tuning with the tone knob.

Septavox knobs 1 and 2 are mapped to tempo and envelope, respectively. Currently the internal clock of [septavox~] is out of sync with the 201’s beat clock, so 201 pattern modes may not work as intended. This may be helped by altering the global bpm range in the [pd metronome] subpatch of mother.pd.

I left an adc~ object in the initial release that was causing noise for those who have not yet enabled the 201PP’s audio input. This has now been removed from the patch.

Have fun with your new Septavox!


Just updated to increase range of tuning knob from 1 to two octaves (identical behavior to OG PP), also increased slew of tuning knob to avoid stepping. @Doud


Awesome! Thx for the speedy updates.

What global bmp values (min max) would you suggest for altering the metronome so that it’s closer to the original?

I measured around 33 bpm when the tempo knob is all the way down, the trouble is that the SeptaClock runs at audio rate when maxed, which the 201PP has trouble doing. @oweno may be able to answer better than I.

@internetbreakup whoa ! thanks for the speed light update !
As I said elsewhere, thank you so much for this awesome patch, PP’s original feeling and behavior is there, which was really important for me for « trippy » live performances.
Knob attribution and LED indicators are simple yet clever.
#1 PP201 patch for me.
I’ve just tried to make a “custom” version (only a selection of patches on surprise knob), but I understand nothing in « choices » folder, I don’t know how it could be possible.

For the update :
perfect pitch range, slew of tuning knob ok now, thanks.
Can you do it on the second knob ? I’ve noticed steps with knob2 heavy rotation on red mode/knob1 around 0,0x (well, seems like a stress test, but it isn’t…)
It’s not a big deal, really slight feeling, but as you made it so nice for knob3, I just ask the question :slight_smile:

And last, just FYI, this patch is the first to cause crash with low batteries. Seems that this patch makes an intense use of processor, and seems legit too :slight_smile:

Here’s a reference for the controls and waveform and mode colors: