201 Sample Mode


With the “201 Pocket Piano,” there is a “Sample Mode.” I read in the user manual that we can add sounds (Wav) cool.

I have created several sound banks from my hardware synthesizers (sampled note by note). If I understand correctly, could I load them onto the SD card? Is it possible to have multiple different WAV sound banks and switch between them using presets, for example?

Thanks, looking forward to receiving my 201.

Hi Funken.

I’ve just read the manual and what I understood is that you can map a single sample per key, i.e. there is no auto-key-pitch-mapping in there.
Anyone correct me.


Yes, I understood the same thing by reading the manual. My question is mainly about the presets. I would like to be able to navigate from one sound bank to another, and I can’t find the answer right now…

Hi, the sample mode has a folder with 68 samples in it (1.wav - 68.wav). Changing the octave transposition will change the samples associated with each keyboard key. So as you transpose lower, you will approach 1.wav., and the highest key in the highest transposition plays sample 68.

You can swap the ‘factory’ samples out with your own. You can also have multiple instances of the Sample Mode if you needed more than 68 samples loaded onto your 201.

Loaded my own samples, twice. Different sets, different types of sounds… nothing when trying to play that “bank 6” on the 201. Just silence. Other modes play their respective synth sounds no problem.

I am confuse.

Tried reboot.


Any ideas?

What is the sample rate of your files? They should be 48KHz 16-bit.