Problem loading patches - USB stick issue?

So I found a USB stick laying around and downloaded my backup including the patches that I downloaded when the issue started (and a new one that was just loaded on patch storage that is amazing!). Everything is working great now. Seems my original USB stick that came with the unit is the issue. Have a new one in order as I just like the form factor and don’t want a huge USB stick hanging out my organelle.

Hello! I’m quite new to Organelle, loving it more every play!
I had exactly the same problem with the USB stick that came with mine, patches randomly not working, weird characters showing up in the menus and it was impossible to delete anything. Since changing to a new stick everything has been fine. Just wanted to second what you’re saying, maybe a bad batch of sticks?

Don’t want this to sound bad anydraw but I am glad I am not the only one. Thought is was some strange issue I somehow caused. Maybe there were some issues in the batch we got. Anyway such an inspiring piece of kit and now I can go back to making music


Sorry to hear that the USB drive is causing issues. If you have a problem with the USB drive, please contact us here:


Thank you Chris.
It’s not a problem anymore but I’m happy to help if you want to diagnose the problem.

Hello Chrisk, I posted yesterday to the link. Since then I did another test. Just in case the problem could be the hardware-side of the usb-stick I used another USB-stick, one that originally functioned well for other matters, I reformated to FAT and then uploaded just two patches under the Patches-folder. Just the upgrade in systemoperation and a patch I knew that had worked for me before the problem. BUT STILL… the organelle does not open the USB. It opens with the content of the small-usb that comes with the machine.
So, repeating, my situation is:
brand new Organelle. Had been playing with it on a basis of it’s standard patches, then I uploaded new patches on a (Fat-formatted) USB-stick. These patches opened and functioned. Then I uploaded a second portion of patches, and since then the organelle does not open with a USB-stick, only with the standard-usb. The info says there is one USB (sdb1).
I am on a deadline for a filmproduction (I bought the machine to do some work for that) and now i am in the impossibility of using it.
I wonder what is wrong here.

Of course the above is good to have solved, but just in case, and I am being foolish probably: is that small USB that comes with the machine a normal USB with some patches on it and space for more, or does it have the system in it. (I am slightly afraid to use it for other than starting up, since it is not clear to me wether it is a functioning part of the system. I would not want to have strange issues with that one. Is it safe for me to pull it out and place those new downloaded patches as an addition and work with it ?


Hey hopping in here. No the USB that comes with organelle does not have the system on it. The organelle is a read o lu Linux system that cannot be damaged by the user via the stick unless you intentionally get in there disable protection mode and write over stuff, even then you can reformat the INternal Card and fix everything. The USB stick hold patches and libraries and folders for the patches to interAct with th pd on the machine. That’s it. The stick can get filled up and if you are reading and writing And writing a bunch of sound files it might get filled up so it’s totally fine yet maybe not as pleasing aesthetically to use a different (albeit properly formatted) larger USB stick. Recently I released a bunch of patches that used sometimes hundreds of MBs of soundfonts so they are most likely the culprit but they sound good so they are worth it to me

I hope this helps you get a picture

So, while I had my USB in my computer loading patches on it. I accidentally unplugged my Organelle while the USB was ejected from it.
Plugged the Organelle back in.
Tried to “reload” the storage.
And a prompt came up saying “No patches found!”

Properly shut down the Organelle. And rebooted twice. And it still says “No Patches found!”
Attempted the other USB port on the Organelle. Same results.
Thoughts? Surely someone has a solution.

C&G small white one? get a good quality USB stick.

It’s the small white one. Now my computer and the Organelle won’t recognized the USB. Probably just the stick. Do I need any special files on the drive when I reformat it? If so do you know where I can download them?

FAT32 format
A dir named Patches…

I have to use the usb port closer to the keys of the device for my usb drive. the folder needs to be named Patches

restarting with the usb unplugged shouldn’t be an issue as the Organelle is set to be read-only.

Did you have to reinstall LADSPA or fluidsynth after formating a new USB?

hey yall
i am having issues running patches as well and i am thinking of starting over with a fresh usb stick.
how would i be able to get it set up to run patches and work with the organelle?
maybe i am missing something?
ned the noob

you want to make sure the USB drive has a folder named “Patches” on it. And inside the folder you can put patches. Try downloading some from here:

i think i phrased that wrong. if i bought a blank usb, how would i get the folders i would need for the organelle to work onto the usb.

Create a folder called /Patches and put all your patches in there.

Thanks for your reply. I just format the stick to FAT32 and create a patches folder?

“Patches” - yup!

@watrshed The information you need is in the manual: