Organelle patches glitching out -not in a good way- (photos)

Hey there, I was wondering if anyone had experienced this before? I just installed the new OS - could that have something to do with it? i installed the new OS, put my patches on the USB in the Patches folder, inserted it and found this… anyone have advice or a solution?

thank you

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Do you have another USB drive you can try? It’s probably best to load fresh set of patches on to it:
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looks like it could be language settings?

Is this only during patch selection?

Can you start a patch, If so do patch parameters show correctly ?

If you cannot start a patch, do the other menu options display correctly? Eg storage, extras , WiFi.

the above might help narrow narrow down if it’s to so with the display or then usb filesystem ie filenames = patch name.

How did you install the new OS? did you run an update patch, or burn a new SD card? I think someone had this problem a while ago with the v2.1 update. Seems that unzipping the files caused some corruption. The surest way to get it fixed is to just burn a new SD card:

hey everyone it was an easy fix, i just had to reformat the usb stick. also i’m a dunce and had always unzipped the folders before putting them on the usb stick and now i’m installing them properly (i think)