Problem loading patches - USB stick issue?


Did you have to reinstall LADSPA or fluidsynth after formating a new USB?


hey yall
i am having issues running patches as well and i am thinking of starting over with a fresh usb stick.
how would i be able to get it set up to run patches and work with the organelle?
maybe i am missing something?
ned the noob


you want to make sure the USB drive has a folder named “Patches” on it. And inside the folder you can put patches. Try downloading some from here:


i think i phrased that wrong. if i bought a blank usb, how would i get the folders i would need for the organelle to work onto the usb.


Create a folder called /Patches and put all your patches in there.


Thanks for your reply. I just format the stick to FAT32 and create a patches folder?


“Patches” - yup!


@watrshed The information you need is in the manual: