PROBLEM with new organelle M

Hi, i just bought the new organelle m, and everything is fine, but i’ve got trouble with midi and usb inputs, i’ll try to explain

i can’t use external midi devices, i tried everything: direct from the midi keyboard (with usb, with midi cable to mini jack, and also using the logic pro x external instrument and nothing works)
i tried to change something in the organelle midi setup and things got worse:
if i click on MIDI setup —> device ----> 28:0 which was the standard setup, a strange midi input start, the note freeze and the midi counter on the right get mad (also with no midi cable attached ) and the settings now is: device: midi through, and i can’t change it back .To stop that i had to change the usb drive with another one (weird, but it worked, don’t know why) so i had to put all the patches in a new usb device. And i had to do it twice, because i tried again to connect midi stuff.
PLEASE HELP ME, AND TELL ME THAT IT’S A SOFTWARE ISSUE THAT I CAN FIX UPDATING SOMETHING because i can’t afford to ship the organelle and receive it back, I live in Italy and I had to pay 160€ of custom duties the first time, I can’t pay that twice.
Let me know
Love you!

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What kind of USB midi device are you using? You mentioned a USB keyboard? To know the model would be helpful. A USB MIDI device needs to be ‘class compliant’ to work with the Organelle, which is to say it doesn’t require extra software or drivers. If you use a class compliant USB MIDI device, it should show up in the MIDI settings menu and you can select it… this should fix the problems.

The ‘MIDI Through’ option is an unfortunate bug and should not be in the MIDI Settings menu… If you don’t have a USB device attached then you are forced to select the ‘MIDI Through’ option which causes problems (this will be fixed in next OS update). The remedy is to plug in a USB MIDI device and select it from MIDI Settings.

ok thanks for the reply! i’m using an ICON neuron5, it should be Class-compliant with Windows Mac OS X :frowning:
i’ll try with another device, or i’ll wait for the update. thanks!

Unfortunately that might mean it is only class compliant with Windows/Mac but not Linux. I tried looking up the specs for the Neuron5 on the Icon site, but could not find it listed there. Do you have a link to that product you could share?

ahhhh!!! now it works! don’t know why, but i don’t wanna know! thanks everybody!

Hi there!

I just bought my forst Organelle M, and I am pretty excited about it :smiley:

BUT, I also cant get any external keyboard to work with it.
I have tried:
Novation Remote 25 SL
Novation Remote 49 SL mkll
Yamaha Reface CS
Yamaha P80

I have tried with USB - USB, and with Midi out - USB.
Channels are set correctly.

What am I missing here?
And what made yours work Lorenzo ?? :smiley:



What steps do you take? Do these controllers show up in the MIDI Setup menu? The steps should be: plug in USB controller, navigate to MIDI Setup menu and select the controller under Device, then launch a patch.

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Oweno! You are my hero today :smiley:
I wasnt aware of the “choose device” but its working now.

Thanks a lot for your quick help !