Problem with sample loading

Dear Organellas and Organellos and any other users that shall not be confined to any specific gender,

I am building a patch for Organelle that loads 16 mono 44.1Hz/16bit samples to 16 buffers. Each sample is played by a pad on a QuNeo, where the pad controls the loop start, loop length and transposition of sample playback. The loops are very short loops. Sort of a granular synthesis patch with one grain only!

The patch works perfectly well on the computer (PD Vanilla running on a Mac). The patch uses only a few abstractions that work fine in other Organelle patches. All samples load fine using loadbang. 16 samples load consecutively, not simultaneously. One pad controls a simple filtered noise synth - no sample involved.

I put the patch on the Organelle USB stick and give it a go. Only the pad controlling the noise synth works and I hear its sound. None of the samples work. As I do not use the Organelle with a screen, I cannot see the problem. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

The samples are in a separate folder inside the patch folder. Should I place them simply in the main patch folder? I do not mean Organelle’s Patches folder, but the folder of my patch.


The samples can be in their own folder, as long as you tell Pd the path to this folder when you load the samples. But if this is the way it is already working on the Mac, it should work the same on the Organelle, so something else could be wrong. Can you upload the patch to try?

Hi Owen,

I load the samples by sending the full path like this:


Is there a better way to do this?

The patch is attached.

omnibus.pd (25.6 KB)

It looks like it is loading them correctly. You can omit the “Omnibus/” from the path and just use:


This way if you change the name of the patch folder, it will still work.

There are a bunch of objects it can’t load when I open it, are these all in the Omnibus folder?

Yes sorry I should have attached them too. They’re in this message.

nanokontrol.pd and quneo.pd could be useful for those who have these controllers. I have the earlier nanokontrol

nanokontrol.pd (3.2 KB)
range.pd (674 Bytes)
variableDelay.pd (1.4 KB)
padsample.pd (2.6 KB)
pitch-delay.pd (4.2 KB)
quneo.pd (15.9 KB)

Did you rename omnibus.pd to main.pd ? I forgot to do this, so it didn’t load the first time.

Yes. The patch loads and the noise part works. The samples do not work.

I found out what the problem was. The envelope table “crown” does not function: works on the computer, does not work on the organelle. Also the sample arrays must be named with $0 in the beginning. Otherwise the samples do not load.

oh interesting, That is a good thing to look out for. When Pd starts on the Organelle, it waits 100ms before switching audio on. So in the patch that generates crown, the loadbang fires before audio is enabled so nothing gets written to crown table. Same thing happens on my computer if I open the patch with audio off. You can add a delay after loadbang, or just set the crown to save with the patch (‘save contents’ under properties), and then you don’t need any of those objects…

Ah ok, now I understand why almost none of the loadbangs work. Would have been good to know this beforehand… is this in the manual? I’ve spent many many hours to figure out what the problem was. :frowning:

It is not in the manual, but it should be. Thanks for pointing that out, we will add it.

Yes, please add all features in the manual. Otherwise the Organelle is a box of surprises (and not always pleasant ones). See my new post about MIDI program change message.