Folder Issues (Help!)

My Organelle M has always been fine, no issues. Yesterday, I turned it on to load up a sampler patch. Scrolled down to my ‘Samplers’ folder, and the ‘>’ was missing, suggesting it is no longer a folder.

I clicked it and it simply loads up one of my sampler patches instead of jumping into the folder.

I looked on the patch management section of the organelle.local on my laptop and everything looks as it should. The ‘Samplers’ folder is full of my patches, as it should be.

I had to copy and paste the patch I wanted up a level in the folder hierarchy to then be able to find it on my Organelle.

Can anyone help?

Are the patches stored on the internal SD card or USB drive?

They’re on the internal SD - I don’t have a USB drive connected, only the wi-fi USB dongle. I’m on the latest OS, as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Check if the ‘Samplers’ folder has a ‘main.pd’ file in it. A sub folder of patches should only have folders, if the Organelle sees a main.pd file in a folder it assumes it is a patch folder.