Problem with Sampler Style patch

I made a copy of the original Sampler Style patch and replaced the wavs with samples from classic drum machines. However, I’m having a strange problem: the first hit of any note has a lower volume than expected, but if I play several hits in a row the subsequent hits have a normal volume.
Any idea what might be causing this?

That sounds strange. Are you just playing 1 key? So for instance, hitting the D key is lower volume than expected, hitting D again is normal (without hitting any others)? does it happen for every key / sound? If you send one of the sound files, I can try it on mine…

Yes, I’m hitting just 1 key at a time and this happens with every key/sound.

Here is the patch with my customized samples:!AvvWOIZV12WukeB771V2kT0Ocmvnhg

Thanks for the help!

Nevermind, I just found the culprit: I was using a small bluetooth speaker (connected with a cable) and for reason the speaker does that, I just tested the organelle with normal speakers and it sounds fine!

Good to know. Once I was using a fancy Bose home theater speaker while working with Organelle, and I noticed this horrible latency problem. I thought it was a low level bug, and started digging way into the patch and system, until I realized it was the speaker was adding almost 50ms latency !

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