Velocity Sensitive organelle patches

can anyone help me find some user made patches that are velocity sensitive, when using a midi controller? i’ve read that the official patches are not velocity sensitive, but some user made patches might be. Thanks!


I was just wondering the same thing!


i don’t know if you use Orac but i’ve just updated Samplement for being velocity-sensitive :

i’m not using a MIDI controller yet so i forgot to check this, i’ll do the same for some other modules soon. :v:

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Managed to find some just by trial and error, off the top of My head they are:

Glass FM
Additive Synth
Vintage Synth series - Jupiter
Vintage Synth series - Prophet

If anyone can name any more would be awesome. Dynamics is such an important part of making music!

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Cool! Looking forward to trying this, thanks.

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Same here! Thanks!

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Oh that’s a great start, thanks!! I thought I read somewhere that CZZ wasn’t actually velocity sensitive… I’ve been getting mixed results with different controllers.

Are those ‘vintage synth series’ on Patch Storage? I don’t see them anywhere there or on C&G website.

Pretty sure CZZ is but tbh that list is just off the top of my head, a few of them might be wrong. Just try it out and see how it responds to your midi controller.

You can dl the vintage synth series from this forum. You also have to install something called LADSPA and something called FluidSynth (also on the forum). Lmk if you can’t find this stuff but for me it was just a quick Google.

Ohh I see them now… thanks!

So excited to get this set up! A few questions

  1. so I downloaded it, installed it using the instructions on patchstorage, can find it on orac, but no sound waaa. Fiddled with the settings, still nothing. Any ideas? Is it buggy, or is there something more obvious im missing?

  2. Where do I need to put my own samples? Can I just rename/change up the ones that are already there, in the media folder ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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hi @kiranbrown :wave: Samplement is working fine on my unit and should be working the same on Organelle 1 since v1.3 (unless i’m not aware of a new issue, i only have the M)

on the first page : start by turning the knob1 (Sample source) to select a folder (it should list them on the bottom line), then turn knob2 to select and load a sample from it (should be listed the same way), wait 1/2sec for the sample to be ready after releasing the knob2.

it can load your .wav files from any of these folders (that you may need to create) :

/media/samples/kit-1 (from kit-1 to kit-24)

let me know if it still doesn’t work. :v:

Thanks for all the help! Unfortunately still doesn’t work. All of the knobs respond in the way they should, I’m getting the sampler destination folder / wav files appear on the bottom or top the screen. But there’s no sound. The organelle seems to think there’s sound, because the volume meter at the top moves when I press a key. But I’m not hearing any .

Do you have any ideas of what might be going wrong?

can you get another module to output any sound ? (try with the “analogstyle” synth or something like)

Samplement seems to work fine, so i guess the problem comes from somewhere else, i would check the audio routing from the Organelle to the speakers, and i would try with other samples too. Since you can see the Output VU-meters moving, there should be audio coming out…

Yep other modules work fine :thinking: I’ll try swapping out the samples and see if that gives me and luck!