Note Delay Issue - SOLVED

Since installing the OS 3 update (I’m currently operating on the 3.1 Beta), I have noticed a delay between the time I press a key and the trigger of the resultant sound. I hadn’t really noticed how significant the delay was until I started trying out a few of my Sampler Style patches, live drumming on the keys. I can hit two keys one after another with the same finger before i hear the first sound. I have checked my samples for silence at the start, experimented with other patches. It’s a problem across the board. Anyone else had this issue?

i checked the ‘1008’ patch with the samples and it seems fine. but then i’m on OS 3.0. how about going back to OS 3.0 to see if it is a glitch in the 3.1 beta?

Cheers mate I’ll check

I dont hear any delay on 3.0 or 3.1

you mean directly from the Organelle keys I assume (rather than midi)?

there was no change in the way the organelle key handling in 3.0 or 3.1, so I can’t think why this suddenly be an issue for you… so, id suspect it something else.*

(this is why i differentiate with midi, which has changed to using alsa in 3.1, though this can be overridden - but again, I hear no delay with that either)

Id recommend you try one of the other patches (e.g. basic poly), if that does not have the delay, then you know its something to do with the patch/samples, rather than OS3.0/3.1
(also try to run this, after the Organelle has just been powered up, before running any other patches)

… given I dont see others noticing/reporting an issue, Id suspect this is the case, people are pretty sensitive to latency.

sorry, can’t think of what else to say/try, unless the issue is reproducible, and narrowed down a bit to a particular scenario :frowning:


(*) the only thing that I can think, might cause what your seeing/hearing , is that something (an external?/installed software?) on your organelle is slowing it down… but i do not know what, perhaps check the cpu usage - though again, that would not be specific to 3.0 or 3.1

Thanks Mark I’ll try that out. I did notice the same issue in basic poly though so not sure… Could just have been a quirk in the old noggin…

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Not the noggin… not the organelle! phew. It’s a speaker I’m using. Girlfriend bought me a portable speaker called the UE BOOM 2 for christmas. Sounds good but for some reason it delays output by a margin big enough that it makes rhythmic playing difficult.

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