Pure Data Patches Fresh Start 2019


A few people have reached out to me and i wanted to share that i’ll be sharing some patches on this forum again for folks that want to use Pure Data on their Organelle device. Before you ask, i will not be making orac patches. I think that the theory behind them is awesome for folks too busy to learn pd or are gigging musicians and/or they need certain things but i decided to contribute what i can here for knowledge shared and created over the past 20 years regarding PD.

I think i got carried away and flattered that people actually wanted to use my patches and it was an ego stroke but i soon felt at odds with where this forum was going. Making it “easy” to chain patches seemed to be just as hard to me as making a patch that had those features in the first place and I do not do well with pissing contests. So i backed off, also because i changed jobs and moved and have two geriatric cats and an early onset dementia mom that needs my help for real world stuff. But I am going to start contributing again here.

I’ll start slow with one patch a month, that has as requested: a Detailed HOw-to and mainly NEW MENUS :slight_smile:

I guess what i am getting at is i make pure data patches because i love pd and the organelle is the closest device that actually runs patches i make. I am NOT a dev. i do not care to be one. I am a “musician seduced into technology” and will remain as such. I will not be doing custom work. I will gladly answer questions on the forum and I’ve even created a new login because my old one was connected to my old job email.

I have a huge list and i am going to go Alphabetically so the first one that will get an update is a patch called “Audioflow~”


Excited to see and try out your new work in 2019! And I’m beyond excited to see you come back!

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Great news! Thanks Patrick!

looking forward to seeing more of your great patches,cheers.

hey @Patrick Happy New Year, thanking you in your new year rebrand :wink: Excited for your pd blessings and contributions and look forward to sharing in your organelle energy. peace.

Good to see you back, all the best.