PureData 0.49 update

Thank you for the quick fix! Working well now.
Not sure if it the culprit but it looks like the file:
was created after opening.

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Trying to enter

at terminal had this effect for me:

Smiley face refreshes organelle screen but has no effect on the problem. Unable to open patches in any way while using gui, clicking on pd files in gui does nothing and using scrollwheel and menu on organelle yields a black screen. @WyrdAl clearly suceeded with your advice @thetechnobear , have i entered the command incorrectly at the terminal?

Sorry my mistake it’s remount-rw.sh, I’ve corrected above post.

the scripts are really inconsistent between - and _ , so ii use command completion (tab) :slight_smile:

@WyrdAl , cool that’s probably it!
When I get a chance I’ll see if it I create from the installer it fixes the issue.
(pretty sure it will)


Okay great, the rw/ro commands fixed the issue of not being able to open patches by using the organelle encoder and menu system while using VNC/gui mode.

However, I remain unable to open pd files by double clicking on the files from within the gui/file browser. I double click and nothing happens. The organelle shows two different pd programs with which to open the files when i right click, but selecting either has no effect. Still need some help with this. :confused:

@Wannop - copy n paste the following one line at at time to fix your issue.

rm /usr/lib/pd/bin/pd
ln  -s /usr/bin/pd  /usr/lib/pd/bin/pd

there still will be two entries, either will work.

there were two entires before, these were not installed by PD49, as ive checked the package list , and also the date/times confirm they were from the original install.
(I don’t have the time to clean up these now)

Ive fixed this and the previous issue and uploaded to patchstorage.com


Fantastic, can’t wait to get stuck in. Cheers.

I installed the zip file but my organelle can’t unzip the file. What should I do?

What’s the error in the Organelle?

Given it’s worked for so many others , I’d say it’s likely your usb drive is faulty - try another one.

Hi everyone!
I have just bought the new OrganelleM and I was trying to install pd49, but when installing, the organelle shows an error: “only valid for organelle-1. Install failed. deploy failed”. Did I miss something in the forum?

Thanks everyone!

It’s not required for organelle-m as it already has 0.49 installed :slight_smile:

( is expect when OS 3.2 is out for organelle-1, that will also have pd49)