Update to Organelle's version of Pure Data

Hi all,
Is there likely to be an update to Pure Data on the Organelle any time soon?.
PD has moved on so much from 0.49. Lots of really good externals missing including savestate, slop~ etc. Not to mention all of the offerings from third party libs such as Else.

As far as I know, there is no plan to move on from the current 0.49 version. I would like to say it would be cool to migrate to Plug-Data as it it makes it a lot less of an eye sore to look at lol

I don’t see Pure Data as an eye sore, more vintage digital, also Plug Data is intensely buggy, at least on OsX. Any patch that has some complexity suffers inmensely. Oh well I’ll develop this processor for another platform, thank anyway

Plug data is more limited than pure data, more cpu intensive, less stable, We don’t know if it can run in --nogui mode. etc, etc.
But hey!, go on and try, I might be wrong about some of my statements…
Let us know…!

I have a solution and seems to be working. I have pisound and raspberry Pi 4b. Im running latest PD and Orac, all good, though somewhat roundabout to set up but managed to get it headless in the end. The processor I have been working on doesn;t have a GUI and relies on MIDI CC. Plug Data is young and will take sometime. Its a great effort and much appreciated, lets hope it matures into something stable. Hats off to all the endeavours involving Pure Data

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