Questions on MIDI Master Clock Out

I’ve spent some times on different pqtches such as MIDI File Synth/Sampler with different gears, found that none of a patch can send MIDI clock nor thru.

How to modify the patches/core firmware to make Organelle able to send out its master clock via MIDI (particularly patches that can set bpm)? Anyone have done this before?

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That thread will help you out. Basically you can modify each patch by adding midirealtimein to midiout or you can modify the operating system I believe. Anyway check that thread

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Hey there, I’m new to the world of MIDI and to the world of PureData. I have reached the point where I think it’s time to start chaining my things together with MIDI. Right now, I really just want to use MIDI to tempo-sync a few things. For instance, I’d like to dial in a tempo on the Organelle’s Arpeggio Synth patch, then have that information passed on to my drum machine (MIDI thru), my Pitchfactor (MIDI thru), and my Super Radical Delay (MIDI in only). Ideally I’d like to find a way to add my SP404 in there, but it’s also MIDI in only, so I can’t think of a way to patch that one in.
So would I just go into the patch I want to edit (here, Arp. Synth) and add a “midiout” from the Tempo selection, if I want to use the Organelle as a clock? And,(please forgive me if this question is naive or doesn’t make sense) would I need to specify a CC value (0-127) through which to port the clock information? I’ve read the Organelle manual, but having never really worked with editing MIDI, this is the best understanding I’ve got.

Bumping this thread. Would love to use Organelle as a master midi clock for some guitar pedals, etc. Any info on how to modify PD code (to add midi clock out) for the arpeggio patch would be appreciated.

Try adding midirealtimein connected to a midiout.

The issue with this is that makes the Organelle a MIDI thru device. I believe the problem we’re having is using the Organelle as the master clock. There is no MIDI in involved in making the Organelle serve as a master clock.

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We just made some patch updates … now all patches with a tempo control also send MIDI clock output (so they can be used as MIDI clock master)


YES! Thank you so much. If I wanted to disable the notes send, is there an easy way to do that?

Also I discovered the Punchy & Guitar2Synth patches in the bulk zip! I’m a little uncertain what’s going on with the Punchy, but the Guitar2Synth is absolutely killer. Well done,y’all!

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i’m having trouble using my Organelle as a Masterclock out into my Echoplex digital pro. i have a usb that has a midi in and a midi out so kind of a Y cable. i have the usb going out of my organelle into the IN of the echoplex but its freaking my machine out. its an m-audio cable? any idea why its freaking the machine out? i redownloaded all of the latest updates but to no avail.

Have you tried swapping the midi in/out cables on the in/outs on the echoplex? When I used a cable of this sort for the first time I found the labels for in/out on the plugs were a bit counterintuitive.
Another thing could be the cable itself - might actually just be faulty. I’ve used cheapo ebay midi usb cables to connect organelle and volcas/pc/midi keyboard without issues. Have you tried the cable with any other equipment?

Which Organelle Patches did you try with the Echoplex? Not all send MIDI clock.

hey @chrisk

i’ve been trying to sync polybeats and arpeggio synth. should those work?

yeah it is confusing and i have checked both.

@chrisk for some reason the apreggio doesn’t lock when its connected. as for the polybeats it reacts strangely. there is always one sample playing and even an aux hit won’t bring it back to 0 voices. also i have an fcb1010 going into the gibson echoplex which is going into the organelle. some buttons of the fcb1010 play certain tones or notes on the organelle. any advice helping me sync would be much appreciated!

@monsieurtopu I’m a little confused by your set up. You changed your signal chain to:

fcb1010 —MIDI Out—> Gibson Echoplex —MIDI Out—> Organelle ?

When you say “arpeggio doesn’t lock” do you mean that it doesn’t latch, or it doesn’t lock to the tempo?
If there is a sample playing in the Polybeats mode, it means that you sent it a note.