How do I code to pass sync through to MIDI out?

I’m struggling to get MIDI sync to pass through MIDI out on my Organelle.
I’ve added a [midiinrealtime] to [midiout] in the mother.pd file but weirdly it multiplies the outgoing BPM by a factor of three (at least when used with Polybeats patches)
I am using the Edirol UM-1SX

The two factory Polybeats patches should both be sending MIDI clock out already. Have a look in ‘master-metronome’… so adding another [midiinrealtime] -> [midiout] would double the sync messages, which would explain why downstream playing faster.

Hi Owen,

thanks very much for your reply! I did some back tracking in the forum and saw that [midirealtimeout} should solve the problem. However, my downstream device will only sync if I add a [midiout] to the [midirealtimeout] in the [pd mainmetro] abstraction and it doubles the BPM! I’m a noob when it comes to pd - what have i got wrong?

my instincts tell me that i should remove the ‘send ticks as midiclock’ code. If my hunch is right for some reason my downstream gear isn’t getting the start signal but once it is via my original hack then the ‘send ticks’ is then doubling it up?
Please tell me I’m right I will wear a PureData/Organelle Chufty Badge all day
(Ps Chuffed is quaint Uk English for being pleased with oneself ;-))

Know it’s an old thread but I think I have a related idea/question.

I think I’m understanding that if a patch doesn’t have clock/bpm (like Basic Poly, for instance), that the organelle won’t pass on an external clock (midi thru essentially) to other devices downstream. I’m wondering if maybe there’s any chance of a future “C&G patches update” where all patches will have this capability built in, maybe via a “secret screen” accessible via an encoder click + key (similar to how orac works) where you can turn on/off clock send/receive for the particular patch. No idea if this is even possible as I’m not a software engineer, but think if it is possible, it could be a great improvement.

I know it might seem like this could get confusing or overly complicated for some, but it really wouldn’t be hard to copy a patch to a “live set” folder and turn on/off clock send in the copied patch, and users who want to keep things simple could easily ignore this functionality.

In the meantime @Echopet did you end up getting this to work well? Any words of wisdom if I’m going to dive in and try it? Thanks!