Rdmsc (aka MTM Radio Music)

I’ve posted a “radio” sample player on Patch Storage, inspired by the eurorack module Radio Music. Grab it here:



yeah that is lots of fun! thanks!
Add pages and FX?

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FX, yes! Good idea, will add the 13 FX. :sunglasses:

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So rad! Thanks for putting this together.
I’ve changed the button for reset from aux to note 60 so I can trigger it via midi - super fun with parameter locks on sequencer :smiley:

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Thanks! There’s a work-in-progress version of this patch saved at this post which will only run with the GUI loaded up but is even more fun :D:

In it I have increased the voices (to 14) and use the Organelle keys to change the station (“white” keys") and start point / trigger (“black” keys). Knob 3 works with the “black” keys to add a slew or offset to where the triggers are. Might clash with you’re using it though.

Thankfully I copied this off my Organelle before my unit died a death, assuming it isn’t linked to running this patch but just so I can say you’ve been warned! I’ve got a bunch of ideas to make this even better but need to get my Organelle up and running again first so won’t be for a day or so.

Definitely gonna wait till it’s reported as stable! Haha. Call me superstitious. Sounds fantastic though!

Id not recommend using this… Im not entirely sure why it works for you when the GUI is up, but:

  • it crashed for me when running the GUI, and took down the OS (fortunately no corruption though)
  • I think its going to be pretty random…
    my best guess is, that the initialisation when usingthe GUI is slower, so the files are not all simultaneously loaded and so its some how makes it thru … but if thats the case, there is no guarantee of this
    this is speculation, but probably not worth the risk

anyway, see my reply to your other post for more details.

Noted, will take it down! :smiley:

the aux key can also be automated, using CC 25

Cheers for this I didn’t realise! Guessing 127 is on, 0 off?

>= 64 : on  <64 : off
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Update (to v1.2) now up on Patch Storage:


  • 13FX! (thanks @oweno)
  • “Play” the stations and start points / triggers via the keyboard
  • A new “slew” dial

A few minor interface issues (mainly because the way 13FX is set up is way over my head :joy: but otherwise stable.

Feedback welcome!

Its much nicer thanks :wink: my added request of FX !!! yeah!
Only some FX don’t work, no audio, TanDistort, Reverb and SpectralDelay.
Don’t know if you can reproduce this.

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Hmmm, they all work on mine ok. Will take a look tonight! Out of curiosity, did you get it to work headless?

Yes I have it running headless, no monitor hdmi, no keyboard/mouse.
Still using USB drive.

Tried other ways to install but worse it hangs on first screen. (example unzip on OG itself, patch with or without wav files…)

Just experienced another major crash just trying to update this (see Major crash) so abandoning development until I know what I’m doing! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Got the first version. Love the patch, look forward to it developing at your pace.

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I chopped up the samples into 90 second chunks and everything seems to work without a hitch on v1.2 so I’m now calling this stable. Also renaming to rdmsc (catchy :laughing:!). Here’s an example vid:

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Just seen this new post. Glad to hear it’s all working, will try it after work. Great patch.